Ding In Your Lease Vehicle?

When your lease agreement is nearing the return of the vehicle, don’t let pesky dents make a headache for you. Don’t find yourself in the middle of an situation with the dealership when PDR is an affordable dent removal solution.

Lease Vehicle Dent Repair

Returning a lease vehicle with dents is likely to end up costing you a nice chunk of change. Let us alleviate that potential problem for you.Taking techniques of the old and adapting them as technology changes, ensures that your dents are repaired in the most effective way possible.

Some companies will drill holes in your vehicle to access the back side of the dent – generally in an inconspicuous place. This is only required in very few instances, and when done without your knowledge, could create headaches for you when working with the dealership.

At Express Dent Inc., we have a no holes policy. Generally 95% of the time there is no need to drill holes in your car’s door jambs, wheel wells, etc. If for some reason a hole is needed, we would ask for your permission first and properly seal it when we are finished.


The main qualifying points as to whether a dent can be removed using Paintless Dent Repair are simple. The original paint needs to be intact and the dent can not include an edge of a panel such as the red areas in the picture above. Edges are sometimes possible; however, this varies among different automobile manufacturers. All makes and models are Paintless Dent Repaircandidates. However, performing Paintless Dent Repair on vehicles manufactured prior to 1980 becomes more limited.

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